Top 5 Wednesday – Current Favourites that aren’t books

Welcome back to another top 5 Wednesday! I know it was only last week since I posted one of these but it feels like so long ago! This week’s topic is current favourites that aren’t books, something a little different but still fun!

5. Favourite TV Show

Image result for dexter

This week it is probably Dexter as this is the one I’ve watched the most! Me and my boyfriend are currently trying to get through all of them because he wants to see my face at the end (apparently the series ends really badly), we have both seen these episodes before but I haven’t seen the final season so we are binge watching them this week in between university lectures. If you don’t know Dexter is a series about a guy who during the day is a blood splatter analyst however at night he is a serial killer. It is a great show and has some really tense moments!

4. Favourite food

This week my favourite food is salmon spaghetti, we make it at university and it is one of the fancier meals we make (salmon is expensive!) however it is really nice and has become a bit of a treat meal this week!

3. Favourite Film

Image result for sing film

Yesterday me and my boyfriend went to watch this at the cinema (I’m aware we are classed as adults but don’t judge),  it was brilliant! Although this isn’t my favourite film this category is current favourites and so this week my current favourite is this film. This film is basically like an animated xfactor. However the prize money doesn’t actually exist and the contestants have no idea that they are competing for nothing. This film has a great soundtrack and I would definitely recommend it to people of all ages!

2. Favourite Shoes

I got these boots in the sale after Christmas from Quiz (check them out here) and I must say I’m obsessed with them! With it being so cold and wet lately I had to have some decent shoes, that and my old ones had a hole in which was particularly fun when I stepped in a puddle and found the whole puddle to come flooding into my shoe -.-. However I am really picky about my shoes so I thought it would take me ages to find a pair of boots that I actually like. Yet here we are! A pair of boots that I actually like! They have good grip so I won’t become Bambi on ice when it snows and they don’t have a heel so I can actually walk in them!

1. Favourite App

Image result for vlogger go viral

I will admit I have become a little obsessed with this game. It is a click game where you produce videos that hopefully will go viral, you listen to the comments from viewers then produce a video according to their needs. It is very addictive! Be careful if you decide to download this game as it will take over your life!

So there you have it, my top 5 current favourites. This was a little different from the normal top 5 Wednesdays and I must say I liked the change. What are your current favourites? Are you also addicted to any of the things I’ve mentioned here? Let me know!


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