The Flirtation By Tara Sue Me (Submissive #10)

The Flirtation

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Erotica, Adult

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New York Times bestselling author Tara Sue Me is back with a scorching new romance–tenth in the Submissive series.

Lynne has not wanted for anything since she began working as Nathaniel and Abby’s nanny–until the night they invite her to a group BDSM meeting. The abrupt breakup she had with her last Dom made her turn her back on the lifestyle, but now she’s ready to dive back in. When she starts chatting on online BDSM message boards, she’s shocked to discover Simon, her former Dom, is a frequent poster–and even more shocked at herself when she creates a secret identity and strikes up a conversation.

After messaging with a mysterious submissive online, Simon forms an immediate connection. Lynne and Simon’s D/s relationship grows in intensity, but can their relationship survive after the truth is exposed, and Lynne’s identity is laid bare?

Tara Sue Me has a new book out so of course I have to get an ARC, I just have to, sorry! This is the 10th book in the submissive series, this time following Abby and Nathaniels nanny Lynne (remember Abby and Nathaniel from the previous books? Yeah them).

Once again Tara Sue Me has created another brilliant erotica novel, I absolutely love all of her books because although yes they are erotica they are about so much more than just sex which is what the majority of books in this genre are about.

In this series we follow various couples and their experiences with BDSM, most BDSM novels are about the girl instantly being up for absolutely anything and doesn’t hold back, however in this series the submissives are more reserved, they have doubts and don’t just blindly follow orders.

Yes there are sex scenes and they are extremely steamy however for me this book is more than about sex, it is about the trusting relationship between a sub and a Dom, they have to trust each other for the relationship to work, so in this book we see what happens when there’s no trust. It was a nice different dynamic to witness and I think it really did show the importance of the lifestyle while at the same time giving readers the sex scenes that they look for in an erotica book.

One of my biggest pet peeves with the erotica genre is the use of protection during sex, very rarely are condoms used and it really annoys me because girls seem to be perfectly ok with having unprotected sex *cough* Alpha *cough* however in this book during a sex scene a condom isn’t used and it is a big deal. Finally a girl who is upset that there was no protection! Added to that the guy was also really upset that he had been stupid enough not to use one, I liked that both sides regretted the decision. I really appreciated this as recently it has been really annoying me because what sort of message are we giving to people reading these books? So from the fact that Tara added it into the book and she did it so well that this book was instantly a 5* book just for that scene alone!

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is following the series as it is a brilliant extension of the already brilliant story. I would also recommend it to newbies in the erotica genre. Some books try and throw every single BDSM related appliance into the book to try and give readers a bit of everything, however in this series it is more about the importance of the relationship between the characters and this is probably why I enjoy the series so much, although in the erotica genre it is more about the loving relationship and trust and for me I think it makes the sex scenes better because they are fully consensual.

Side note at the end of this book is the novella The Claiming, you can see my full review for that here.

Rating: 5/5

Summing up: Another fabulous addition to the series!


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