Letters to Eloise by Emily Williams

Letters to Eloise

Genre: Fiction, romance, family

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‘Receiving a hand written letter is something that always puts a smile on my face, no matter who the sender is.’ Flora Tierney.

When post-graduate student Flora falls unexpectedly pregnant during her final year studies she hits a huge predicament; continue a recent affair with her handsome but mysterious lecturer who dazzles her with love letters taken from the ancient tale of ‘Abelard and Heloise’, or chase after the past with her estranged first love?
But will either man be there to support her during the turmoil ahead?

‘Banish me, therefore, for ever from your heart’, Abelard to Heloise.

Letters to Eloise is the heart wrenching debut epistolary novel by Emily Williams; a love story of misunderstandings, loss, and betrayal but ultimately the incredible bond between mother and child.


I’ve decided I’m going to do this review in 2 parts because I need to discuss some definite spoilers relating to this book.

Non Spoiler Section

So I received a copy of this book from the author a few weeks ago and to be honest it didn’t really seem like my style, I have never been pregnant so I felt like a book relating to pregnancy wouldn’t really be something I enjoyed. However this book was so much more than that. Every week we learn some new fact about Flora’s baby (what size they currently are, whether or not they have eyes etc.), along with that we get to see how pregnancy affects Flora’s everyday life.

In normal books about pregnancy everything is described as perfect, you get some morning sickness but hey that’ll only last about a week then you’ll be back to enjoying your glorious pregnancy. Back ache? Nope. Swollen ankles? Don’t be ridiculous, pregnancy is glorious! However this book describes what actually happens during pregnancy. I have witnessed friends going through the various stages of pregnancy and it has been anything but pretty. Although they do get excited and motherly when talking about their unborn child or their upcoming scan there are also the aspects which tend to get overlooked in books e.g. not being able to see your feet, if you drop something on the floor you can forget picking it up etc.

This book is beautifully written, Flora’s love for her unborn child is so real! All the way through the book I couldn’t stop thinking how cute it was! At the start Flora is uncertain about her pregnancy but about halfway through the book she couldn’t be a more proud parent, from running round telling everyone the sex of the baby to showing everyone the scan! Something only a proud parent would do.

I would definitely recommend this book to practically any female, whether you’ve had a child and can look back on the moody pregnancy days, whether you are currently pregnant and are currently witnessing all these unknown side effects or if you’re like me who isn’t pregnant but still finds babies cute and adorable. Definitely pick this up right now if you like cute books because this one will definitely hold a place in your heart.

Spoiler section

Although this book is cute, I was completely heartbroken at the ending! I ended up just sat in front of the book being like “no, that can’t happen, she was happy!”. I just cannot explain how heartbroken and shocked I was! I definitely did not see that coming and had to read pages over again to make sure I had it right! How did I not see that? What an absolute plot twist that I am more annoyed at myself for not seeing it coming! It had me in tears and unable to form a sentence other than just repeating “that can’t happen” for like 20 minutes after finishing the book. Definitely a brilliant read and absolutely one of my favourites…although I may need a break before rereading it…that and a box of tissues.

Rating: 5/5

Summing up: A cute yet emotional read


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