Top 5 Wednesday -Book Trends You’re Tired Of

Another top 5 Wednesday! Just a heads up I won’t be completing next week’s category (favourite non written novels), this is because I don’t read comics, manga or listen to audiobooks so I can’t take part in next week! Sorry! However getting back to this week’s category I initially thought I didn’t have any trends that I was tired of but when I started listing them I actually realised I had quite a few! Therefore I apologise in advance if these get a bit ranty!

5. Putting Extra Books in a series that aren’t necessary

We have all seen it before, a series has done exceptionally well and so either the author or publisher has decided they can still get more money out of it. Whether it be prequels, “filler” books or books which were the exact same story as the first in the series but from a different perspective *cough* Grey by E.L.James *cough*. I just think they aren’t necessary. I get that sometimes it is what the fans want, for example the Harry Potter series is proof that extra books are great however there are just some series that shouldn’t be continuing with this amount of books. I just think it’s cheap that they’d do the same story from a different perspective, at least put a twist on it e.g. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, she switched the genders of the characters. If it is different then fine but just don’t repeat the same story. What next the exact same book from a supporting character?!

4. Instant Forgiveness

This links with one of my later points but I’ve listed them separately as the two tropes may not always be seen together. Instant forgiveness is something that really annoys me in books. I get that we need to forgive each other but if your boyfriend has cheated on you but then apologised 5 minutes later that doesn’t mean you have to instantly forgive them! I know it’s a book and the plot has to move forward and that can only be done with the two characters making up and being friends again but at least have some backbone! Don’t portray all women/girls (or men/boys) nowadays as instantly forgiving their other halves whenever they’ve done something wrong. It sends out the wrong message to people thinking that they should instantly forgive because then the other person hasn’t learnt their lesson so will continue to do it. Just stop it now!

3. “I’m not like other girls”

I don’t know where to start with this trope. I’m sick of this description of average height girls with brown hair and brown eyes…perfectly ordinary. Yet they are mysterious, they like converse and rock music, they don’t wear make up etc. Oh and they are really insecure, they don’t understand why all the guys want to talk to them or show them to class or carry their books. But wait…is that the hottest guy in school coming to talk to her…omg he is! After weeks of chatting she falls in love and then realises that although she may be nerdy and like books she is actually really attractive and now it all suddenly makes sense why all the guys were talking to her! Yes ok we get it, however this “I’m not like other girls” is actually becoming what every girl is being described as, just give it up!

2. Love Triangles

Following on from the previous post…love triangles. So the ordinary yet different girl has moved to a new school. She is in love with the hot mysterious guy but the other cute guy really likes her. Who should she choose? Well we are going to go through entire chapters possibly even whole books debating who is best for our main character. This trope has just gotten old, it’s not very realistic nowadays (who can find two guys who actually want to settle down in a relationship?!). Instead it just seems as a plot filler that is attempting to relate to the youth of today…yeah, it’s just not. Again please stop this stupid trope. Love triangles need to be a thing of the past. You don’t need a complicated romance to make a book popular!

1. Controlling Partners

Ok so although this may not be in every YA book unlike some of the others in this list, I feel like this is the most important. It is becoming more and more frequent after the popularity in the 50 shades series. Instead of nice relationships where both parties are respected and their views actually considered, it is becoming more common that these possessive/controlling boyfriends are making an appearance. This is something that desperately has to stop, I have mainly seen it with the males being the possessive ones so that’s what I’ll discuss here (I’m sure there are other books with the females being possessive but I haven’t encountered any so I’m not writing about it here). Women should be able to have their own views, they should be able to go out with their friends without it ending in an argument, they should be able to wear what they want and eat what they want. This is a dangerous trope that is becoming more common, I don’t want young women thinking that this is an acceptable way for men to treat them. It is wrong and they need to see that it is wrong.


So there we have it, I did warn you that it would become a bit of a rant and again I do apologise! Just a reminder that I won’t be taking part in next week’s topic but will be back 22nd with the next topic!

Do you agree with any of these book trends? Are there any others I’ve missed? Let me know!



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