Top 5 Wednesday – Characters You’d Invite To Your New Year’s Eve Party

The final top 5 Wednesday of 2016! I can’t believe it! It feels like only yesterday I started doing these for the first time, I was so nervous and convinced I hadn’t read enough books to think of characters for each topic. However I pressed on and here I am! Finishing my first year of top 5 Wednesdays! I shall be carrying this on in the new year so stay tuned for more! If you have no idea what I’m talking about then check out the Goodreads group page here. Now would be a perfect time to start as the topics for next month are released soon so you can start then! Anyway onto this weeks topic – Characters You’d Invite to your New Year’s Eve Party!

5. Matilda from Matilda by Roald Dahl



Obviously as an adult, I feel like Matilda would e great company for my party! She’s incredibly bright and has read a lot of books therefore would be able to chat with everyone about their favourite books and what they think of them. Also she could use her powers to help with the decorating – if there was a particularly high decoration that needs to be put up I’m sure she would lend a hand. She might even bring Miss Honey as her plus one for extra fun and maturity. Also I would love to see Miss Honey have a little too much to drink and let go of herself a bit!



4. Augustus Waters from The Fault in our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars



Basically I would like any chance to meet Augustus Waters but imagine him at a party! He could chat to all the ladies and flirt and do his cigarette metaphor on them and see how they react. I just think he would be a really good person to have at a party, he seems like he’d talk to everyone and be really down to earth and make sure everyone is happy. Therefore Augustus Waters is on this list – he can bring Hazel Grace aswell as I love her aswell. Just the both of them together, probably my ultimate OTP!



3. Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

So I have already got people to talk to people and keep them entertained, I now need to sort the food! Who better to invite than Willy Wonka! Although admittedly he is a little bit strange he still knows how to do amazing things with chocolate so hopefully by inviting him he will offer to cater for free…therefore free desserts! Free chocolate! What more could you ask for?! Think of the hundreds of amazing and unusual desserts he could come up with! Also he would be able to do it really quickly as he can use his Oompa Loompas for help to make sure that all the work gets done and is perfect ready for new year! Therefore I am inviting Willy Wonka and leaving the food up to him as this is more his area than mine, I shall have to taste everything first obviously to…make sure it is ok, yeah that’s the excuse we will use.

2. Hermione from Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Harry Potter, #1)

I’m pretty sure Hermione will be on everyone’s list…she’s so perfect! She is educational and witty so she can entertain all the guests and pretty much everyone loves her so why would you not invite her?! However I have an extra reason for inviting her, I already have Matilda who is pretty similar to Hermione however there is one vital piece missing…Hermione can do magic! Therefore I will take full advantage of this…invite her to the party and then afterwards she can use her magic and help with the clean up! This is a flawless plan! Also while she is at the party she can chat with Matilda about their favourite books and other book related things, she will love it!

1. Jay Gatsby from the Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby



Although I did not like the book/ story I did love the parties in the Great Gatsby. Nobody can deny that Jay Gatsby knows how to throw a great party! He’s rich, he knows how to mingle and most importantly he is great at planning a party. He already has all the connections of people aka musicians, caterers etc. therefore my party will be  a success without having to really do anything! Absolutely flawless plan! So for his impeccable party planning skills I am inviting Jay Gatsby, who we all know will not turn down a party!




So there we have it! My last top 5 of 2016! I realise most people will think about characters that they really want to meet however I have chosen mine so that it will be a great party! Have you done a top 5 Wednesday this week? Who would you invite to your New Year’s eve party? Let me know in the comments and see you next year!



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