Top 5 Wednesday -Favourite Villains

Welcome to another Top 5 Wednesday! I have been a bit hit and miss on these just lately as I can’t always get time to fit them in and then before I know it it’s Thursday and I’ve missed it! If you don’t know what the top 5 Wednesday thing is check out the goodreads group here! So this week I have made myself do it and what better a topic than Favourite Villains! Initially I thought this would be quite easy however going through my Goodreads shelf I realised I don’t tend to read books that have villains in them! However I still (barely) managed to pull together my top 5. To learn more about any of the books click the photos of the covers to be redirected to the Goodreads page for that book.

5. The Bane from the Spook’s Curse by Joseph Delaney

The Spook's Curse (The Last Apprentice / Wardstone Chronicles, #2)This book (series) is about a Spook who fights evil things that live in the dark, he takes his young apprentice Tom to help him so that one day he will be a fully trained spook. In this book the Spook and Tom travel to Priestown to defeat the evil creature living underneath the cathedral. The monster is known as the Bane and although maybe not a “Villain” per se it was still terrifying and as he played a pretty big role in trying to kill the Spook and Tom he makes the list onto favourite villains. He can make himself big and squash people easily, he can make the people above him go insane or he can tempt them so that they will come into his lair so that he can kill them. He can get inside you head, how scary is that?! He makes a brilliant villain because he is just so scary and definitely deserves to be on this list.


4. Captain Hook from Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

Peter Pan

Everyone knows the story of Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up. Everyone is also familiar with the famous Captain Hook, the most evil pirate in the world who will stop at nothing until he gets revenge on Peter for chopping off his hand and feeding it to a crocodile which has been following him ever since. Captain Hook is so meticulous and committed that he will do whatever it takes. He is a truly brilliant hero and I know I was certainly scared of him. Therefore he definitely deserves to be on this list as he certainly fitted the criteria to be a villain. I think it made it scarier because I was a child when first reading this so of course the idea of some big bad pirate stopping at nothing to get revenge is pretty terrifying, even now I’ll admit I’m still a little scared!

3. President Snow from The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)


President Snow is just so meticulous and downright evil. He is sneaky and knows how to control everyone and everything around him. He remains untouchable while everyone else does his dirty work. How much more terrifying can a villain get?! Every year he plans to have people murdered but makes it seem like a sort of “lottery” however let’s be honest nobody ever really wins the Hunger Games do they? Also when anyone disobeys him he changes the rules to show that nobody is safe and that nobody can defy him or else there will be consequences. Snow is definitely one of the scariest villains out there and therefore definitely deserves to be on this list.


2. Miss Trunchbull from Matilda by Roald Dahl



Possibly one of the scariest villains out there, although she did get her comeuppance in the end. She was terrifying the way she treated the children and the punishments she would give out! I certainly would not like to have been a child at that school! Miss Trunchbull is terrifying! She’s massive and can certainly handle herself and is not afraid to treat people a little roughly. Breaking a glass plate over a child’s head definitely shows she’s just a little bit nasty! As she too along with Captain Hook terrified my childhood she definitely deserves a place on my list of favourite villains! She definitely makes me come back the this book and read it again and again just to remind me of how scary she can be!


1. Hannibal Lecter from Red Dragon by Thomas Harris

Red Dragon (Hannibal Lecter, #1)

Most of the villains on this list have come from children’s books as these are the ones that I love and reread again and again. However the villain that has to take the crown this week is Hannibal Lecter. Although he may not scream and throw things he is equally as disturbing. He is clever and knows exactly how to read people. Also just as a minor sidenote if he doesn’t like you or considers you rude he will eat you, he likes to do that occasionally. So add cannibal and terrifying mastermind and what do you get? A brilliant villain! He is so calculating and clever, he knows how to get things, even when they may seem impossible. He can do whatever he wants and you certainly don’t want to get on the wrong side of him. A truly terrifying villain and definitely one to look out for as he will keep you up at night thinking about him.


These are my top 5 villains, do any of them match you list? Can you think of anyone more terrifying than Hannibal Lecter? If so who? Also if you have done a list for this week let me know so we can compare!


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