Top 5 Wednesday!

It’s Wednesday again, you know what this means…top 5 Wednesday!

This week’s category is…Characters you WOULDN’T want to trade places with

There are plenty of different fictional places that we would want to live in and many different fictional characters that we would give our souls to be! However what about those characters who we definitely wouldn’t want to trade places with? Here I will go through my top 5 characters I wouldn’t want to trade places with!

5. Carla Wilks (Anastasia Steele’s mum) from 50 shades of Grey by E.L. James

Image result for fifty shades of grey bok

You might think this is a strange one but hear my thoughts first. Imagine finding out that your virgin daughter is in love with a gorgeous billionaire…omg yes! Then they quickly move in together and get married…ok a bit soon but you know if they’re in love why not, you yourself have been married a few times so it’s ok if your daughter wants to marry this guy, after all he’s rich and with no prenup if they do divorce she’s still loaded! WIN! However imagine finding out months later that your daughter has actually signed an NDA (non disclosure agreement) and the handsome billionaire is actually a masochist and actually controls every aspect of your daughter’s life and happily beats her if she falls out of line. Imagine being a parent and having to hear that from your own daughter (because you cannot tell me that Ana will never get drunk and spill this to her mother, actually she probably won’t because it’s against the rules but whatever, my point still stands…she must find out one way or another) so I wouldn’t like to trade places with Ana’s mum because I wouldn’t want to find out my daughter is being controlled and tortured by a man I happily let her marry. For that reason Carla is my number 5 on this list.

4. Zoo from The Last one

by Alexandra Oliva

The Last One

The main character “Zoo” in this book is so messed up by the end of this book. Although we find out something good in the end of the book (vague I know but I don’t want spoilers) I still think that with the amount of stuff that she’s gone through that she is seriously messed up. I don’t think she will ever be ready to have a family, or be near any children for the rest of her life. Added to that the fact that she’s seen dead bodies and figured they were props, I think that after the book ended it would have all hit her at once and she’d have a mental breakdown. I seriously wouldn’t want to be in her position at that point, she had it tough all the way through the book and I don’t know how she’d come back from that so for this reason I would not like to trade places with her and so she is at number 4 on my list.


3. Thomas Ward from The Wardstone Chronicles (The Spook’s apprentice) by Joseph Delaney

Image result for the wardstone chronicles

I just feel so sorry for this poor guy. He has seven brothers so obviously life growing up was hard and everything was shared with small portions of food to go around. He is left handed and is beaten for it (as a fellow lefty I do feel sorry for Tom although fortunately we are no longer beaten for it). He is sensitive to supernatural elements and so can see ghosts, these have scared him from a young age. Then when he was 12 he was apprenticed to the local spook, a role which is none for being lonely and tiring. He will be forced to put his life on the line and deal with horrible creatures of the dark. From there it just gets worse for poor Tom, people die, he barely ever sees his family again and when he does it’s never good. For this reason I would definitely not like to trade places with Tom, he is pretty much constantly lonely, barely eats anything, has to walk long distances, sometimes doesn’t even get paid for putting his life in danger. For this he makes number 3 on my list.

2. Gale Hawthorne from The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins

Image result for the hunger games book

I know some of you may be thinking that this is a random character however I thought the Hunger Games should definitely be on this list but I thought Katniss or Peeta were too obvious. Therefore enter Gale! He is the guy who is in love with Katniss, he doesn’t volunteer for Prim or Katniss during the reaping and for this he feels guilty. He then has to watch as the girl he has been in love with for years fakes a romance with a guy who she’s never cared about before, and then he sees her gradually fall in love with him while he can do nothing to intervene. He is forced to stay behind and act as a father and provide for his family and that of Katniss. Although his life isn’t full of pain and torture that other character’s are, he is forced to regret his decision in not telling Katniss that he loves her. He instead has to watch as she falls in love with someone else. As well as the hard working conditions, having to provide for his family and not volunteering when he should he does have to go through watching this blossoming romance, it must be so hard for him and the mental strain it must have must be so difficult. Yet Gale continues providing for the families without complaining, although he is a good guy I definitely would not want to trade places with him and live in the world of Panem.

1. Paul Sheldon from Misery by Stephen King

Stephen King Misery cover.jpg

This is definitely one character I would NOT like to trade places with! Although he is a best selling author his life takes a dramatic turn for the worse in which I would definitely not like to be him. At the start of the book Paul is in a car accident and drives off a cliff and crashes into a snowbank. He is then rescued and it is found he has shattered legs, but oh it gets so much worse for poor Paul. The woman who rescued him is actually Paul’s “number one fan” and takes him back to her house to nurse him back to health. However she puts his legs in makeshift splints so that will not get better meaning that Paul is left in agony and unable to move. How can this get any worse you ask…well the number one fan has read Paul’s new book and isn’t happy with it and will force Paul to write a new book bringing the character back from the dead. If he doesn’t she punishes him by stopping his food, drink and his medication, leaving him in agony for days on end. As to not give away too much I won’t give away any more details however let’s just say this is definitely one character I would certainly not want to swap places with! For these reasons he makes number one on this list!

So there we have it, 5 characters I would not want to trade places with. Admittedly some of them are a bit strange however they are all characters that for one reason or another I don’t want to trade places with. I hope you enjoyed this week’s top 5 Wednesday, see you next week!

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