Be Careful What You Wish For by Alexandra Potter

Be Careful What You Wish ForGenre: Chick Lit, Romance, Contemporary

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Heather Hamilton is always wishing for things. Not just big stuff like world peace or a date with Brad Pitt, but little, everyday wishes, made without thinking. One day she buys some heather from a gypsy and suddenly her bad hair days stop, and a handsome American answers her ad for a housemate, and she starts seeing James.

Chick Lit is by far not my favourite genre however after recently reading the new Harry Potter book I needed to continue with the magic theme and I was feeling in a romantic mood so I figured why not pick this one up?

I really liked the idea behind this story, what if you could get everything you wished for? Including all those tiny little wishes you never thought about? Well in this story that is exactly what happens to Heather.

Surprisingly the first thing Heather wishes for isn’t to win the lottery, however she soon realises that the wishes may not always be for the best and that she really should be careful what she wishes for.

I liked this book, it made me laugh and had some really funny one liners. The story itself was ok, not overly fabulous but I still liked it. I think the majority of the story is really great, I liked the idea of Heather being able to wish for anything, it made it different that she didn’t immediately wish to win the lottery or own a mansion or something, it made a change from other wishing books. However towards the end something happens and I just think it was unnecessary, I know that it was to show that the wasn’t using her wishes wisely however I think it wasn’t needed and sort of ruined it a bit for me. However I liked the ending and I think it all wrapped up really well.

I think people looking for a bit of fun but also a touch of romance will like this book. It was an easy read that is so relatable because we all wish for so many little things each day without even thinking about it so it was fun to read how each little wish could come true…and that it may not be exactly what you expect.

Overall I did enjoy this book and I would recommend it. Just remember…be careful what you wish for!

Rating: 4/5

Summing up: Be Careful what you wish for…literally!


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