The Hundredth Man by J.A. Kerley

The Hundredth Man (Carson Ryder, #1)Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Crime, Fiction

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A darkly compelling serial-killer novel introducing the next big name in psychological thrillers and, in Carson Ryder, a fascinating and complex protagonist set for many books to come.

A body is found in the sweating heat of an Alabama night; headless, words inked on the skin. Detective Carson Ryder is good at this sort of thing – crazies and freaks. To his eyes it is no crime of passion, and when another mutilated victim turns up his suspicions are confirmed. This is not the work of a ‘normal’ murderer, but that of a serial killer, a psychopath.

Famous for solving a series of crimes the year before, Carson Ryder has experience with psychopaths. But he had help with that case – strange help, from a past Ryder is trying to forget.

Now he needs it again.

When the truth finally begins to dawn, it shines on an evil so twisted, so dangerous, it could destroy everything that he cares about…

I’m not normally one for crime novels however I thought why not give this one a go, I was actually really surprised!

This novel is about a Detective who recently got promoted after breaking a big case, he now has another one to solve, the body is found with lettering on the body, it must mean something to the killer and it is therefore Detective Ryder’s job to find out what it means. On the way he meets a pathologist named Ava who he develops feelings for however make no mistake this is not a romance book. Ryder has a dark past relating to mental illness, he used this resource before however he may unwillingly need to use it again to solve the case and save the life of the killer’s next victim.

This book is an amazing mystery, normally with these kind of books/ crime shows you can usually guess who the killer is however this one had me guessing to the end. The characters are believable and the story is a realistic one (some crime novels can get a little unrealistic), however this one really could happen and I think that’s why I was so engrossed, I really wanted to know what happened and why the killer did what he did.

At parts this book is a bit difficult to understand and I did have to go back over and reread parts to fully understand them, other than that it is a really good book and I read it in pretty much one sitting even though it is about 500 pages long.

If you’re looking for a gripping read then this is definitely the book for you, anyone who likes crime novels or tv shows will really enjoy this one, I know I certainly did!

The novel does contain some sexual themes and deals with mental illness and alcoholism so may not be for children/YA. I would recommend it to adults/people over 20 (I’m currently 20 and don’t think I would recommend it to anyone younger than me because of these themes).



Rating: 4/5

Summing up: Gripping mystery


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