Book Review: Gone by Michael Grant

6473592Genre: YA, Dystopia, Science fiction, paranormal, supernatural, adventure

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Suddenly there were no adults, no answers. What would you do? In the blink of an eye, the world changes. The adults vanish without a trace, and those left must do all they can to survive. But everyone’s idea of survival is different. Some look after themselves, some look after others, and some will do anything for power.

A small town in southern California: In the blink of an eye everyone over the age of 15 disappears. Cut off from the outside world, those that are left are trapped, and there’s no help on the way. Chaos rules the streets.

Now a new world order is rising and, even scarier, some survivors have power – mutant power that no one has ever seen before…

This book is the first in the Gone series that has sold over 500,000 books. Everyone over 15 disappears and therefore children are the ones left in charge, naturally all hell breaks loose as children have no adults or anyone in charge to tell them no.

However to add to the issues some children have started with powers that are not possible, what could be causing these powers and what happened to the adults?

This first book tells of the events straight after the disappearance. Unlike similar books in this genre this book really tries to emphasize what exactly would happen – children wouldn’t immediately form groups and know what to do, they’d panic and do things that were normally banned/ supervised by their parents. Naturally they all consume the sweets that adults normally would have told them not to. However we soon realise that there are issues with every adult leaving suddenly – irons and cookers are still left on causing fires, young children too young to move are left alone and in danger.

I liked this book because it felt real to me, normally these kind of books are good but not exactly realistic, they just tell of children becoming the adults and looking after themselves. This book (although does have supernatural elements) is realistic, it tells of fires and starvation, it’s not the happy picture that children would expect if all adults went missing, it wouldn’t be all fun and games and this is what this book attempts to portray.

I really enjoyed this book, I actually felt like I was in this world with the other children, I was there with Sam and Astrid trying to make sense of it, following their every move. They actually thought about it the same way I did, normally these types of characters act completely differently however they acted rationally and therefore made it more believable with the reader, I personally really enjoyed it.

I would recommend this to teenagers/ young adults. I’m 20 and I really enjoyed it even though when I first picked it up I thought it would be for children, it really isn’t, I’d say closer to young adult.

Rating: 5/5

Summing up: Interesting take on a dystopian world


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