Tom Daley – My Story

14769709Genre: Non fiction, biography

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Enter the enthralling world of Tom Daley—a medalist in the 2012 London Olympic Games—in My Story. Tom had the whole country behind him when he won bronze at the Olympics this year. A double Commonwealth gold medal winner, he is one of the sport’s most exciting athletes. But there is also a heartbreaking and inspiring story of a young man coping with the death of his father while under the glare of the world’s media spotlight. In this, Tom’s first official memoir, he offers unprecedented access to the pressures, challenges, and fascinating experiences of a world-class Olympian. From his day-to-day schedule, to his hobbies and family life, to sharing his hopes and dreams in the build up to the London Olympics, this book offers a unique chance to get close to Tom. The face of the Olympics, and host of ITV show splash, Tom is loved by the nation. My Story features exclusive photography of Tom Daley, both personal and newly commissioned, in the ultimate book for the 2012 Olympics.

Tom Daley is one of the youngest (if not THE youngest) world champion for diving. This book is a biography of his life and normally I am really not a biography/autobiography person however I got this for a birthday present as I am a huge fan of Tom so I figured I’d read it.

I was so impressed by this book! I’m not going to give a review of it really because it’s a biography, you can’t review someone’s life. However I suppose you’re wondering why I’m now writing a post on it with this being a book review blog – well dear reader I am writing this post because it really surprised me. I was expecting a really slow book about every unimportant thing that happened in the life of Tom Daley, oh how I was mistaken!

The book follows how Tom obtained his love for diving and the different competitions that he has won (I had no idea it was so many!). It also goes through the various setbacks that Tom faced and how he overcame this. This is an interesting topic because I personally think it takes alot to pick yourself back up after having your confidence shattered however Tom didn’t let it stop him.

The book also goes through how diving has affected other parts of Tom’s life including his education. I always assumed that Tom would be treated normally by the students at his school, if they did treat him differently then it would be being praised. However a section of this book goes through how he was bullied (and I mean bullied – rugby tackled and threatened that someone would break his legs), I can’t believe he was treated like this so it was interesting to hear about this section of his life away from what the media portrays.

The hardest part of the book has to be when Tom loses his father, it gave off such raw emotion. Normally it takes quite a lot to make me fill up however just the way Tom describes what happened had me. His father always supported him up to the very end. What gets me is how Tom dealt with the death, most people would stop diving for a while but not Tom, his dad would have wanted him to continue and so thats what Tom did.

I was so surprised by this book, it gave such a different view of what Tom is actually like compared to what the media portrays. It also shows just how much Tom has gone through and how nothing will stop him from achieving his dreams. He truly is an inspiration and I am so glad I actually decided to read this book and not just stereotyping that it would be a boring life story – it is so much more!

I would recommend this book to people of all ages however mainly to the people who only know things about Tom from the media, you have no idea how inspirational he really is and you need to read this book to understand this.

Rating: 4.8/5

Summing up: Surprising read


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