Book Review: I was a teenage Worrier by Ros Asquith

Genre: Children’s, YA, fiction

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Letty Chubb is 15 and a mine of information about all things teenage. Her hilariously perceptive guide covers everything and anything teenage worriers need to know – spots, diets, parents, lurve, clothes, contraception and lots more . . . As well as being the ultimate teenage handbook, I Was a Teenage Worrier follows the ups and downs of Letty’s romance with the elusive Daniel Hope and the chaos of life in the quirky Chubb family. You won’t be able to put it down!

This book is an A-Z diary of everything a teenager worries about (hence the title), it covers different subjects in detail. The book is written from a teenage point of view and tries to give advice about the different problems that teenagers face and what to do about them.

It is a fun, light read that gives tips about the joys(ish) of being a teenager. It is told from the perspective of a 15 year old girl called Letty, she’s going through all the problems that normal teenagers face e.g. pimples. It was an entertaining read however for anyone other than a teenager with a specific problem I suppose it isn’t that good, probably a book you read to pass the time. It was interesting to get help on subjects that all teenagers face however they don’t like to talk about. It lets you know that there are others going through these problems and not to worry about them.

I would recommend it to teenagers, if you are going through problems and you don’t want to talk about them then this is the book for you, it’s kind of a self-help book but for the littler problems that others may think are unimportant.

Rating: 3/5 (probably a once read for a specific problem)

Summing up: Interesting



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