Book Review: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling

Genre: Fiction, YA, Fantasy, Adventure

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When the Knight Bus crashes through the darkness and screeches to a halt in front of him, it’s the start of another far from ordinary year at Hogwarts for Harry Potter. Sirius Black, escaped mass-murderer and follower of Lord Voldemort, is on the run – and they say he is coming after Harry. In his first ever Divination class, Professor Trelawney sees an omen of death in Harry’s tea leaves . But perhaps most terrifying of all are the Dementors patrolling the school grounds, with their soul-sucking kiss.

The third book in the Harry Potter series, as you can probably assume this book continues Harry’s time at Hogwarts however this book follows his third year. This year Harry has a new problem – Sirus Black has escaped from Azkaban, hes a mass murderer and is apparently coming for Harry.

Perhaps as equally terrifying is the guards of Azkaban that are looking for Black – dementors, they suck people’s souls and drain happiness from people. These dementors are now patrolling Hogwarts to keep the students safe/ recapture Sirius Black, will they be able to capture him in time before he gets to Harry?

What can I say about this series that I haven’t said already? This one is equally as amazing and at times a little sad. As to not repeat myself I will just say it’s an amazing book and another must read.

My favourite part of this book (POSSIBLE SPOILER AHEAD) is when Harry and Hermione go back in time to save Buckbeak. I will admit that I was slightly devastated when Buckbeak was killed however Rowling would not leave me in that state so she found a way to bring the lovable bird back. I also loved the twist in this book, all the way through I had my mind made up about Sirius Black however I was not expecting that twist and I did thoroughly enjoy it.

Rating: 4.7/5

Summing up: Brilliant


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