First Post!


This is my first post on my new blog and I am super nervous! I will be posting things like what I’m reading at the moment, reviews on books I have read and lists of my favourite books. When I mention a book I will try and leave a link to it on Amazon so that if you are interested you can check it out on there and buy it if you want.

I am currently reading Hunger by Michael Grant which is book two in the Gone series.

It is a book about everyone over the age of 15 has disappeared from the world and the chaos that occurs when children are left in charge. I’m really enjoying this book series because even though there’s mutating animals and children with superpowers it really follows what would happen if children were left in charge  (from what I imagine anyway), its a really interesting read and I would recommend it, I will do a full review after I’ve finished it.

Thanks for reading!


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